Radiance Manufacturing Group’s state of the art facility has been engineered and designed to maximize production output efficiencies while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Our Facility


Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a range of capabilities, superior service and turn-key solutions to our customers.

What We Do

  • Custom formulation on powder blending and packaging
  •  Automated powder packaging
  •  High-speed and automated encapsulation
  • Commercial-size bulk bags, totes, and drums
  • Custom single-serve pouches/sachets
  • Cross-trained, multi-skilled work force
  • FDA-compliant large volume mixers/blenders
  • High efficiency screening systems
  • Automated and integrated hopper/auger system
  • High-speed automated packaging lines
  • Dust-contained, flexible facility
  • Short processing times, and overall cost control
  • Bulk raw ingredient supply
  • Custom formulation and product development design
  • In-house graphic design services including label design and logo design
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what to expect

Turn-key Operation

From Concept to Completion:

  1. The Radiance Manufacturing Group Project Development Team meets with the Client to discuss the project overview.
  2. The Client engages with RMG Research and Development to outline product formulas and nutritional requirements; defines nutritional values, sensory objectives and finished goods packaging direction.
  3. RMG Procurement sources and costs all materials and components needed to manufacture the finished product.
  4. A finished good comprehensive quotation is presented to the Client for review and approval.
  5. Once the initial quote has been approved by the Client, bench top lab samples may be required for sensory evaluation and final project approval.
  6. Once the formula has been approved by the Client, the Radiance Manufacturing Group procurement process begins.  As soon as delivery dates for raw materials and components have been established, production dates are scheduled and confirmed with the Client.
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