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Join us on a journey exploring the human experience. Allow Radiance Manufacturing Group to serve you and humanity at large with food and nutrition.

Our Story

We are an industry-leading producer of private-label food and nutraceutical powders and capsules by providing unparalleled delivery times, verifiably superior quality, and the ability to scale to customer needs in real time using unique and innovative processes and technologies. Our vision is to make affordable high-quality food and nutraceuticals available to the world by utilizing continually evolving proprietary innovative process flow that increases output resulting in increased affordability.


With 100+ combined years of industry experience, the team at Radiance Manufacturing Group understands the importance of quality products and building honest and strong relationships. The pride of developing a coherent team, superior products and a next level manufacturing facility is felt from the front door to the loading docks. As a team our objective is to create a positive environment, produce high quality products and enjoy long lasting partnerships.

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A state of the art manufacturing facility with capacity to service the global market

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